About Us

Since 2001 G&S provided institusions and companies a varaiety of different services from lectures and teachings, system management and thechnical support and educational content creation on all sorts of platforms which was our main focus for the last decade.

With over 20 years of expirience, our company has always delivered what is expected from our clients to a falt. Nowdays we work independently, This new approach enables us a creative freedom, And threw an open an constent disccusion to achive the best educational contect we can make.

Shalom Nehaisi

Founder of G&S

Active in the high-tech industry in the field of training for over 20 years and a certified instructor on behalf of Microsoft (MCT). He led training courses at various technology colleges and specialized in the development and implementation of new technologies adapted to different and diverse populations. Shalom led many educational Minecraft projects in Israel at a professional level and is a pioneer of this platform is israel.

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